When I want to do “Monthly Stock Count” the FMH app take time to load, is my WiFi got problem?

Help restaurant user to identify the problem of slow loading of FMH app

It is normal that when you do stock count, the FMH app will take some time to load the Stock Count Data as the system will check current balance for all stock items. But when it load more than 2 minutes and it is still loading, you first need to check your WiFi connection. To learn how to check your store WiFi connection, please look at article "How do I check if my store WiFi got problem?".


If WiFi connection no problem, you should try to use your Mobile Hotspot on tablet and try to do Stock Count again.


If using Mobile Hotspot can work, you should raise Helpdesk ticket to check for your WiFi Network.


If using Mobile Hotspot cannot work, it may due to your area do not have a good network reception. If you confirm your mobile data do not have any problems, please raise Helpdesk ticket.