1.2 Receiving

Record your received products in the system and edit incorrect received quantity for yesterday.


1. Click on Receiving.

2. Select a PO (Purchase Order).


Receive quantity

- Verify the quantity that you received and click  .

3. Fill up and verify all General Information.


DO Doc. No.

- Delivery Order number.

Receiving Date

- Receiving date is representing Completed date. Stocks will be counted in FMH system according to the receiving date.

Invoice No.

- Invoice number provided by supplier / warehouse.

Invoice Date

-  Date of invoice issued.

4. Verify the product ordered and received quantity before click on Complete Order.


*Kindly be noted that you can do an amendment to your completed PO if you did an incorrect receiving starting from 2 days prior until current date.

1. Click on Listing Show and select Completed PO

2. Filter the date of Completed PO and Search

3. Select the PO with respective PO number

4. View the order in Good Receiving Note document

5. Amend the quantity to the accurate quantity, then update the GRN